Solar Sun Screen F.A.Q.'s

Q: What is a solar sun screen?
A: A solar screen typically consists of an aluminum frame, and a specialty fabric that blocks up to 90% of the sun’s heat from penetrating windows

Q: Can I still see clearly out of the window?
A: Absolutely, the solar screen is designed specially to allow the ‘light’ to pass through but not the ‘heat’

Q: How long does it take to get the screens installed?
A: Typically 3-4 days after the order is placed.

Q: Will the sun screens make my house too dark?
A: Absolutely not, the screen is designed specially to allow the ‘light’ to pass through but not the ‘heat’

Q: What color of screen is available?
A:  We offer five color options for screens. Black, Tan, Gray, Dark Brown & Stucco.

Q: What color aluminum screen frames are available?
A:  We have five color options for screen frames.  White, Tan, Dark Tan, Bronze & silver.

Q: Can I take solar sun screens off to clean my windows?
A: Absolutely!  Most screens are attached using 4 clips that make removing the screen very easy.  It should take no more than 30 seconds to remove to re-hang a screen.

Q:  How much do solar sun screens cost?
A:  Price varies depending on the type of screen used, and the quantity of screens ordered.  You can typically expect to pay $4.00 - $5.00 per square foot.

Q: How do I get a free estimate for sun screens?
A: You can measure the window frames from the inside of the home and email us the dimensions to  Typically we will get back to you within 1 hour.

Q: What are some benefits of solar screens other than heat blocking?
A: Screens help keep your windows clean by preventing much of the dirt and rain that would otherwise come in contact with the windows. Solar screens block UV rays that can quickly discolor and destroy blinds/shutters/carpet/countertops etc.  Provides daytime privacy, so people can not see in your home.  Reduces much of the glare you see on your TV or computer screen. 

Q:  How much will I save on my electric bill if I get solar sun screens?
A: lists solar sun screens as the most cost effective way to conserve energy in the summer. says it can reduce the electric costs for cooling up to 33%.  Of course there are many variables for this so an exact amount can only be measured through your own experience.

Q:  Do I need insect screens if I have solar sun screens?
A:  No, the solar sun screen provides protection from heat as well as keeping insects out.

Q:  Should I take my solar sun screens off in the winter?
A:  That is up to you, it is all about personal preference.

Q:  Why should I choose Southwest Sun Screens?
A:  We recommend that you get other quotes before you call us, that way you can see the savings we will offer you first hand.  Second, check out reviews on Google, Yelp, Yahoo, Bing etc.  We have all rave reviews from very satisfied customers.  We get the job done right, the first time.

Q: How long does it take to get a quote for solar sun screens?
A:  If you email us the approximate dimensions to typically within 1 hour.  If you need us to come out and measure we can typically schedule for the same day.

Q:  I can install the screens, can I just have them made and pick them up?
A:  Absolutely, this will save you between 10% & 20% too!

Q:  What size frames do you use on solar sun screens?
A: We use the highest quality 1” thick frames.  The thinner frames offered by other companies will often bend and bow in a short amount of time and the screen will become waved.

Q: How much heat will solar sun screens block?
A:  We offer 3 strengths of heat blockage protection, 70%, 80% & 90%

Q:  Which windows should I put solar sun screens on?
A:  To get the most benefit, we recommend you put them on all your windows.  However, any window that gets direct sunlight through it during any time of the day should be considered the top priority.

Q:  Can I get a sliding screen door for my arcadia door?
A:  Yes, we custom build sliding doors to fit the exact height and width of your door opening. 

Q:  Can you re screen my existing frames with solar sun screen?
A:  If the width of the frame is 1” we would be happy to!  Any size smaller than that is not rated for the weight of solar sun screen.  You can find many companies that will do this, but the weight of the screen will cause waves after several months.

Q:  What color sun screen should I get?
A:  This is always a personal preference.  Typically what most people prefer is contrasting colors. i.e. if you have a light colored home, get dark screen.  If you have a dark colored home, light colored screens look fantastic!

Q:  When do I pay for the solar sun screens?
A:  Unlike most competitors we do not collect a dime until the job is done 100% to satisfaction.  NEVER pay someone for work they have not yet begun. 

Q:  Should I get solar screens or window tint?
A:  Window tint & window film is not designed for dual pane windows and in many cases voids the manufactures warranty of the windows.  Also, no window film/tint available today has the heat blocking capabilities as solar sun screens.

Q:  What brand do you use for the solar sun screen materiel?
A:  We only use Phifer brand screen.  It is widely considered the highest quality product of its type available on the market.  You can visit their website at

Q:  How long does it take for solar screens to pay for themselves?
A:  Every home is different, so an exact answer is not available.  Typically between 1-2 summer seasons though.  Also, there is value in the reduced workload it places on you’re a/c & the UV rays not discoloring your blinds/draperies/flooring etc.

Q:  Where is the most outside heat entering my home?
A:  According to APS your windows account for nearly 50% of all heat coming into your home.  None of the other variables come even close to this.

Q:  Will I still be able to open my windows when the weather is nice?
A:  Yes, the screens are specifically designed to allow airflow.

Q:  Can I just make my own solar sun screens?
A:  Sure, if you are a DIY’er and would like to give it a shot go for it!  There certainly is an art to it, and it can become frustrating rather quickly.  If you have any questions while building your screens call Brad @ 602.524.9115.  He will be happy to offer any tips & tricks he has learned through the years free of charge. 

Q:  What screen will block out the most heat?
A:  We offer a specialty screen that can block out 90% of heat from passing through your windows.

Q:  Will my “HOA” Home Owners Association allow me to have solar screens?
A:  We have done much research on this, and to date we have found no HOAs that will prevent you from using solar screens.  Solar screens are only available in natural toned colors so they add class to the appearance of the home rather than being an eye sore.

Solar Screens

Sources of Summer Heat Windows account for 48% of your homes heat!
Solar Sun Screens Block 90% Of The Sun Our Phifer Solar Sun Screens block up to 90% of the sun from going through your windows!

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